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Note that the maximum penalty is loss of 2 holes. In other words, if you were 2 up after 8 holes, the match is now all square. Taking a practice stroke during play of a hole. Giving advice to or asking advice from anyone other than your partner. For example, you may not ask an opponent what club she used before you hit your shot, and you may not tell him that a particular hole plays longer than the actual yardage. The following information is not considered advice, and may be shared at any time: 1 matters of public information, such as the position of hazards or the flagstick; 2 information about the rules; 3 distance information.

Giving wrong information to your opponent. You have given wrong information if 1 you do not inform your opponent when you have incurred a penalty, unless a you were obviously proceeding under a rule involving a penalty and your opponent observed you doing so e.

New Match Play Terminology and Rules

Moving a tee marker. Improving the area of your swing by moving or breaking anything growing or fixed an example of the latter would be a boundary stake ; removing sand or loose soil except on the putting green ; removing dew, frost or water. There is no penalty, however, if some of these things happen when you are fairly taking your stance, so bear with me while I give you some examples. If a branch breaks on your backswing, but you complete your stroke, there is no penalty, but if you discontinue your swing when you break the branch, you lose the hole.

If your ball is in a hazard whether a sand bunker or a water hazard , you may not 1 test the condition of the hazard; 2 touch the ground or water with your hand or club; or 3 touch or move a loose impediment lying in the hazard.

Seven Match Play Tips That Will Help You Knock Off Your Next Opponent

There are exceptions to these rules. Making a stroke at a wrong ball. Note also that one of the changes to the rules in allows you to lift a ball for identification in a hazard. Therefore, you are no longer exempt from penalty for hitting a wrong ball that lies in a hazard. Hitting an attended flagstick; hitting the person attending the flagstick; or hitting a flagstick in the hole, unattended, when the stroke has been made on the putting green. Making a stroke from a wrong place.

Examples: 1 the wind blows your ball to a new position and you move it back to its original position and hit it; 2 you drop a ball and it rolls closer to the hole, but you hit it anyway. Making further strokes at a provisional ball after you find the original ball and it is not out of bounds. Playing Out of Turn We all know that when you win a hole you have the honour at the next tee, and that during play of a hole the player whose ball is furthest from the hole plays first. If your opponent plays out of turn, there is no penalty. However, you may require your opponent to cancel the stroke and replay it in the correct order.

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Playing from Outside the Teeing Ground There is no penalty, but you may immediately require your opponent to cancel her stroke and replay it from within the teeing ground. If the ball is moved, it must be replaced []. The purpose of this rule is to encourage you to help your opponent find his ball in such annoying places as dense rough and under piles of leaves, and to protect you from penalty should you happen to move it while searching.


MatchPlay Ireland Rules 0 Comments. If this happens, your opponent has two choices: he may play the ball as it lies, or cancel the stroke and play from the spot where the ball was last played.

MatchPlay Ireland Rules – Irish Open Matchplay

Ball in Motion Hits Ball at Rest If your ball in motion after a stroke is deflected or stopped by a ball in play and at rest, there is no penalty and you must play the ball as it lies. There's something about match play that gets me fired up, and I've developed a proven strategy to compete.

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Got your own big match coming up? Remember these tips, and you'll be ready to close out your opponent.


Example: If you're playing someone where your length is an advantage, use it. Right from the start, pull out driver and send it down the middle. For others, it could mean avoiding double bogeys. Stay steady, and your opponent can get frustrated and start making mistakes. Want to eliminate those wayward shots and blow-up holes that can cost you your match? When this happens, find ways to be more aggressive. Sometimes changing strategy can swing momentum your way. Assume your opponent is going to rally at some point, so keep playing your hardest. All it takes is for you to lose one hole, and the match can turn.

But you're not going to win a match trying to play above your skill level.

Play Out The Match Play Out The Match
Play Out The Match Play Out The Match
Play Out The Match Play Out The Match
Play Out The Match Play Out The Match
Play Out The Match Play Out The Match
Play Out The Match Play Out The Match

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