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Behind the Scenes with Nicholas Cullinan and Charlotte Burns

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Welcome to the Epiphany Channel!

Blair Atherton. Journey of Spirit. Gabriella Cairo. Nick Barrett. Auras Gabriel Bain. Super Quick Aura Basics. Scott Marmorstein. How to Do Clairvoyant Aura Reading. James David Rockefeller.

#50 Expectations and Epiphanies with NPG Director Nicholas Cullinan

Insights from The Council. An Angel's Guide to Enlightenment. Soul Whisperer. Marie Diamond. Sheri-Therese Bartle. Archer Sage. The Disillusionment of Spirituality. Richard Stanaszek. Susan James. Living Dharma in the 21st Century. Varun Khanna. People generally perceive and analyze their epiphanies in similar ways, Dane found. He categorized these into four dimensions: a person's emotional reaction to the experience of the epiphany, the question of how the epiphany arose, the circumstances that preceded the insight and a person's observations about how ready they were to experience change through an epiphany.

The typical first reaction to an epiphany, Dane says, is a sudden and emotionally charged release from a problem or tension. We've all been there: a stressful work situation that seems to offer no way out, followed by a dazzling solution that appears from the clouds. It's that suddenness that leads to the second typical reaction: a sense of astonishment due to the nonconscious nature of the insight's arrival.

Feeling dumbfounded for a prolonged time isn't useful, though, so we usually start examining the factors surrounding the epiphany, including our own readiness to change. What does this imply for workplace? After all, not every problem can or even ought to be solved by epiphany. At the same time, Dane notes, epiphanies can provide critical impetus to move forward. Interestingly, his findings hint that one can increase the chances of having an epiphany.

Though further research is required, Dane concludes that epiphanies most commonly arrive when people are open to the prospect of experiencing a major change. When something is mentally constraining us, on the other hand, eureka moments keep their distance. As a worker, Dane suggests, you can open space for epiphanies by being actively aware of your surroundings. Look closely at your workplace, your constellation of coworkers and your place within the system. Perceived mindfully, these details may set the stage for problem-solving in a less focused moment.

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If you're a mentor or a supervisor hoping to spark epiphanies in your work team, try applying this principle at work: Rather than laying out specific targets and attacking them head-on, aim for an environment that allows for mindful engagement, one that includes the problems that feature in your long-term goals and resonate with your workers' concerns and interests. Cultivating this environment and granting workers time and space to wander through it may lead, like a divining rod, to fresh sources of wisdom.

This article originally appeared on Rice Business Wisdom. Erik Dane is a distinguished associate professor of management organizational behavior at Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. There are about 40, sensors on an offshore drilling rig, and each collects information about how the rig's many machines are operating.

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Epiphanies are rare, but they can give you the answers you need.

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Epiphanies: Mental Miracles That Expand Your Thinking

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50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies
50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies
50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies
50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies
50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies
50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies
50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies
50 Epiphanies 50 Epiphanies

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