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What Does Broodiness Look Like?

Once she starts laying and her eggs reach normal size, you could start seeing brooding instincts within a month or so. Time of year is a factor as well. A hen that was mothered seems to know how to mother.

But as with humans, hens can learn how to mother even if the example was not set for them. There is no way to cause a hen to go broody but there are some things you can do to encourage her. First provide her a comfy nest that is private and dimly lit. Kid Songs Around The World.

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Broody Hens | The Scoop from the Coop

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Step 2: Place Fake-eggs in a Nest and Wait

Eng Fr Esp. About Contact Us Advertise Resources. There are quite a few chicken breeds that may serve well as broody hens and attentive mothers.

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You might not want your entire flock to be a broody breed, especially if you are buying feed for hens that want to set on a nest all of the time! But keeping 2 or 3 of the best broody hen breeds will allow you to raise your own replacement chicks. Just give your broodies some fertile eggs from any hens in your flock and she will take care of the rest. Of course, that can be fun too! Remember that each hen is an individual and not all of the best broody hen breeds will work out for you.

When Hens Go Broody

Sometimes a breed that rarely sets on a nest will produce an individual that turns out to be a great broody hen and mother. This post is part of a Self Reliance Challenge organized by a group of bloggers and websites. The challenge is designed as a way to share ideas for how to increase your self reliance and live a more abundant lifestyle. Follow the Self Reliance Pinterest Board for more ideas on homesteading and self reliance! You will not pay any extra for these products and we earn a small commission to help support this free website.

Newly hatched chicks are one of my greatest joys on our farm. So far, we have only hatched them in an incubator, but I have noticed I have two broody hens this year, so I am going to try this.

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Thanks to this great post, I am ready for the challenge. Incubators are a wonderful invention! Handing over that responsibility is quite a relief sometimes. Hi Lisa, my broody girls are my Salmon Favolles, they rock it, I keep a purebred line of them but I also have a mixed run of them with a Icelandic rooster. Great mix! Thanks for sharing, Farm Gal!

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I have a feeling there are a million different opinions on this! It is always good to hear your opinion, as someone who is in the trenches. I keep Silkies as my broodies. They raise chickens and ducks for me. She paces and squawks at them to get out.

The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen The Clucky Old Hen
The Clucky Old Hen

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