Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed

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You need to act with purpose. Your vision is more powerful than anything you could possibly imagine because it is a God given vision. It is a God positioned destiny that no one can abort except you. The human mind could not conceive such an awesome destiny for you.

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We want to hear from you!! Write, email or call us and tell us how you like our new publication, and receive a FREE copy of Trusting God in a Season of Discouragement audio teaching series. Jacquie is passionate about worship, passionate about God, passionate about life, and about how she pursues the heart of God. All who have listened to this CD believe it is a rare and delightful CD, which allows the listener to know that truly God is still able to minister to the lost and weary through His Word.

Does your soul cry for more of God's presence? If you are thirsty - drink. If you are hungry - eat. As we hunger and thirst for more of His presence, we must realize that, although He is everywhere He does not manifest His presence everywhere. He must be invited by a prepared people, to a prepared place. I knew that it had to do with PWP, but I did not realize the impact it would have on the lives of the people we would reach with this message.

The necessity to look at each word carries within it a depth of our freedom found only in Him. A shallow relationship will not produce real freedom. A degree of freedom will come, but it will not be to the depth that He desires for us. Freedom does carry a price and Jesus paid the price on the cross.

Nevertheless, it is up to us to stay free.

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  • That means staying in a place with Him, in Him and through Him that keeps us aware of the entrapments of the enemy. The condemnation that the enemy tries to enslave us with is a tool that he the enemy has mastered. He will use condemnation as a swordsman wields a sword. He will use it to cut at the very fiber of our core. We must recognize the enemy and his deceptive devices if we are to remain in a place of nakedness, brokenness and not be ashamed of our past. Moreover, it should not entrap or bind us to the spirit of shame. The spirit of shame in connected to many other spirits that can attach themselves because we have opened the door that allows them access.

    Mistakes from our past will harbor these spirits and render us ineffective for the Kingdom of God. This means that every trip, trap or snare that the enemy sets against us we must pull down. We must pull down the traps and snares with the Word of God. We must also know each weapon in our arsenal based on Ephesians chapter six and how to effectively use them.

    The Lord spoke Naked, Broken and Unashamed. Our gifts, talents, skills, outward beauty are embellishments. We are in a position where we are stripped us of everything we think we are. God wants to use us, but we must come to Him humble. All of our preconceived ideas about who we are, what we are and where we are, are stripped away. Being naked before Him means that all of the things we hold dear are stripped away. Sin cannot enter into His presence.

    The preconceived plans of man cannot stand before the matchless One; they have to be stripped away. When we are stripped of everything, we will draw closer to Him because everything is out of the way. All obstacles and barriers are removed. God will strip us of materials things, money, property, possessions, people, status and position in order to bring us face to face with ourselves, wretched and undone. Once we are stripped of the things that define us, God can deal with us unhindered by our trappings and delusions of grandeur. Titles, positions and earthly.

    Now that all barriers are stripped away - it is time to come face to face with SELF.

    Joy in the Mourning

    The worst thing we can do to ourselves is turn away once the stripping process starts. When we run from God, we are allowing the enemy full access to us and our destiny. Instead of birthing ministry, we wind up making ministry. The thing that we birth cannot be blessed and prosper because it does not belong to Jehovah Rohi, the Lord our Shepherd. He cannot lead and guide a child that belongs to the enemy. We MUST stand in the midst of the stripping with our spiritual heads held high.

    We know that His love has brought us to this point. We MUST stand in the midst of the stripping with the heartfelt knowledge that it is for our good and His glory. Without complaining and murmuring, we press on to the mark of His High calling for our lives. Again, no weapon formed against us will prosper. It does not matter what it looks like, what matters is what He looks like.

    Naked before Him is a position of new beginnings for us. The breaking process is painful and often this is the point where many of us will begin to run, hide, deny or justify. Pride is a key factor in hindering the breaking process. Pride wants to hide from the breaking; it seeks to conceal that which God is exposing. Pride hinders the. Pride is rooted and grounded in the soil of its father the devil and MUST be uprooted before any further breaking can take place.

    Lisa R. Sternlieb

    When God begins to break things off this means, that pride is no longer whole. It is in two or more pieces because the hand of God has struck it. Pride is instrumental in keeping us from the fullness of God. I believe that is why He deals with pride first. God strikes at the very heart of pride and the shattered pieces of our pride must be removed; there can be no residue.

    If residue is left, it can be replanted in our hearts by the enemy. We must die to pride, selfish ambitions and other elements that fuel the burning stench of pride. BROKEN means that our way of doing things is not in proper working condition and everything we touch turns to mud. Again, we are trying to make things happen or force them to happen. We wind up spinning our wheels and getting nowhere fast. God must break us from this pattern if we are to move forward.

    God uses our brokenness to weaken us. Once we are stripped of our self-will, selfish ambitions, selfish desires or self-centeredness - He can strengthen us with His strength. When we fight against the tide for too long we become tired and give up. God will allow us to fight against the spiritual elements in order to weaken us and get our attention. He will allow the enemy to come against us in order to weaken our spiritual resistance and give way to a new place in Him. Another part of the process is the destruction of pride, arrogance, fear, and doubt through adversity.

    God will use adversity to shake us up. Once He has crippled the bondages of the enemy He can get our attention. This is a painful process because usually we cannot understand how God could allow such things to happen to us. Self-justification will rise during the process and since it is an element of pride, it too must be destroyed.

    During the breaking process, many areas of our lives will appear to be lacking the parts necessary to be complete.

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    Our ministries, marriages, relationships and careers will lack the parts needed to be whole or complete. God will allow a scattering to occur because lack is not His Will for us. No matter how hard you try Continued on page 17 From Genesis to Revelation you will find the precious names of our Lord and Savior exciting, renewing and refreshing.

    Enjoy the journey as you discover a deeper love relationship with God through His names. Available at Amazon. Left unchecked, it will wreak havoc in your life. Fear, like its father Satan is no respecter of persons and it knows no boundaries. Journey with Dr. When the doors of fear are closed you will begin to walk in the fullness of your destiny.

    Most people who are ensnared by Satan's kingdom agenda don't even realize it. The individual takes the bait of Satan and like an unsuspecting fish gets hooked on the line and reeled into a net of lies, deceptions and manipulations. Be Not Deceived! At some point in your life you will encounter a snare from Satan's kingdom agenda, and it's up to you how it will affect your relationship with God. The Theory of everything is one of the most delicious, weird, captivating, and thought inspiring things that I have ever come across.

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    Paradoxically, it is also perfect. Each scene complements another scene. Later Charlie tries to make a similar montage the lead-in to his movie. Laroche and Susan attend an orchid show; Charlie attends an orchid show. After hours lost in the Fakahatchee, Susan and John finally find a ghost orchid; after hours trapped in the Fakahatchee, Donald and John are killed. The film begins with Charlie calling himself a fat, bald loser; it ends with Susan Orlean hurling similar insults at him.

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    When Donald asks Charlie how best to kill off a character, the bored and angry Charlie proposes having a literature professor cut off body parts of his different victims — the film could then be called The Deconstructionist. Charlie is devastated by his revelation that his film is going round in circles, making endless futile attempts to start. The film, which relies on an extraordinary number of telephone conversations, resembles an elaborate game of telephone in which the original message is whispered and comes full circle to be repeated in altered, sometimes unrecognizable form.

    For example, in the third scene Valerie introduces the idea that Laroche and Susan could fall in love; Charlie immediately dismisses the idea. At the orchid show she begins to fall under his spell as he waxes poetic about the co-evolution of orchids and insects see Figure 2. The film skips ahead three years. Donald and Charlie spy on Orlean and discover she is flying to Miami.

    The film then reverses chronology again and shows Susan and John falling in love over the phone after Susan starts snorting the orchid powder. In three previous love-making scenes, a waitress takes off her blouse for, Valerie curls up in bed with, and Susan climbs atop of Charlie. Each encounter appears to be real and proves to be illusory. The phone conversation overlaps with and merges into a shot of John and Susan making love on a beach. Is this pure fabrication? In the following scene Orlean lies on the grass and tells John that she wishes she could be a shiny ant. This sequence clearly complements the earlier moment in which the waitress unbuttons her blouse.

    Both are woodland scenes saturated with deep greens and reds and filled with the sound of bird song. Did the ant episode actually occur? It looks more unreal than the previous fantasy sequence; it seems to be some parodic version of the Garden of Eden. When did Susan begin falling in love with Laroche?

    If Valerie fed Charlie the idea, did he add on this ending to satisfy the producer? Did Orlean actually lie about herself and Laroche in her book or did Charlie invent the lie in order to tie up his script? Is Donald also merely an advantageous lie? He always arrives at the most inopportune moments when Charlie is trying to work or sleep or masturbate.

    We may be shocked to learn at this point that he does actually exist. Or does he? Are the later scenes with Donald, like the earlier sex scenes, mere fabrication? We may settle into the rest of the movie convinced that Donald exists, but there are still clues that he may not. When Donald is killed, Charlie phones his mother.

    the basics

    Charles, is that you? Why is she so sure that this is his identical twin on the phone? Most importantly there are three Charlies. So, Charly is Donald and Charlie made one. Their initials C. Donald considers his brother a genius and never calls him anything but Charles. Darwin followed up The Origin of Species with an astonishing investigation of co-evolution as observed in the relationship between orchids and the insects that pollinate them. Origin took more than 20 years to write and might have taken longer had Alfred Russel Wallace not written to Darwin in June telling him of his sudden discovery of natural selection.

    Darwin was writing for an audience that still believed that the orchid was created by the hand of God. How else to explain that there is an orchid that looks like an octopus, another like a monkey?

    Rebecca Evans: (A Dominatrix) Improved and Revised Edition

    Some look like squirrels, others like nuns dressed in their wimples, still others like drunken old men Orlean But Darwin considered orchids the pinnacle of natural selection. Many species look so much like their favorite insects that the insect mistakes them for kin, and when it lands on the flower to visit, pollen sticks to its body. When the insect repeats the mistake on another orchid, the pollen from the first flower gets deposited on the stigma of the second — in other words, the orchid gets fertilized because it is smarter than the bug.

    Another orchid species imitates the shape of something that a pollinating insect likes to kill. Botanists call this pseudoantagonism. Other species look like the mate of their pollinator, so the bug tries to mate with one orchid and then another — pseudocopulation — and spreads pollen from flower to flower each hopeless time. No one knows whether orchids evolved to complement insects or whether the orchids evolved first, or whether somehow these two life forms evolved simultaneously, which might explain how two totally different living things came to depend on each other Orlean A flower has no brain, no power to strategize, but in order to understand the orchid, we must imagine it outwitting a bee, mocking a moth, cuddling up to a fly.

    Donald conveniently appears whenever Charlie is making any kind of progress. He always arrives with news of his greater success; he always brings Charlie back from ecstasy to despair. Donald concludes his multi-personality disorder screenplay with the cop chasing the serial killer and his hostage. Adaptation ensures the impossibility of distinguishing truth from lie, original from copy, authentic from inauthentic.

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    • In this way, the film realizes the perfection of co-evolution. Like Cage at the beginning of the movie, she wants to find herself emerging from the womb. How did we arrive at this place in which both Orlean and Charlie want to return to the beginning? Rare is the film in which the screenwriter puts himself into the story, yet paradoxically this self-reflexive movie makes it unusually difficult to answer who put this story together? Who determined its structure and much of its content?

      Like the amorous or antagonistic collisions between the bee and the orchid, it is constructed around a series of mistakes. In perhaps the most painful moment of the movie Charlie mistakes a sweet waitress for a possible love interest. When he asks her to attend an orchid show with him, she backs away and gossips about him with another waitress. Thereafter, Charlie avoids any encounters with actual women. She too rejected him and gossiped about him with another friend. Charlie tells Donald how embarrassed he was for him at the time.

      But Donald remains unashamed. His love made him happy. In this sense, they show us how to live. The only barometer you have is your heart. They produce metaphors, ideas, connections, and finally hope of further procreation as they along with floriology inspire Charlie to declare his love for Amelia. Charlie is paralyzed by perfectionism, but Adaptation is a perfect film because it mirrors natural selection, because it appears not to be the result of intention, foreknowledge, or design but of a series of mistakes. As much as Charlie studies The Orchid Thief , he fails to understand the significance of pseudocopulation or pseudoantagonism.

      In order to interview Susan Orlean, Donald pretends to be Charlie. In order to get Native Americans to steal orchids for him, John Laroche pretends to be a concerned environmentalist. In order to maintain the pretense that she is a happily married, respectable journalist Susan is willing to murder Charlie. On the black screen that opens Adaptation Charlie introduces himself to us through a self-flagellating monologue; in order to impress he must become a Chinese-speaking oboist. Obsessed with integrity and honesty, Charlie cannot see what every other character takes for granted; nature flourishes because of fakery.

      In both scenes, Jonze reminds us of the overt weirdness of their previous film, of the multiple ways in which Malkovich calls attention to the cinematic apparatus. Adaptation does the opposite. We cannot know how the orchid knows how to pretend, but the orchid is, nonetheless, pretending. Occasionally Jonze teases the audience with signs of his presence, with visual tricks. As I mentioned earlier, three times we are deceived into believing Charlie is having sex; three times we discover he is masturbating. This legerdemain makes it impossible for us to know if the love scenes between Laroche and Susan are real.

      Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed
      Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed
      Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed
      Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed
      Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed Finding Valerie: Naked & Unashamed

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