Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition)

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About Bertrand Gauthier. Bertrand Gauthier. Books by Bertrand Gauthier. Have you wanted to listen to French music but never knew where to start? This huge list spans several genres and the music is sung by a myriad of artists. Every song is worth a listen. Cosmo — Soprano Youtube Video Link. Alors On Danse — Stromae Nuits Fauves — Fauve Sur Ma Route — Black M. Juste Une Photo de Toi — M. Pokora Youtube Video Link. Blizzard — Fauve Youtube Video Link. Pokora Manger Du Sable — Luce Il Y A — Vanessa Paradis Ose — Yannick Noah Je Suis Un Homme — Zazie Jalouse — L.

Enjoy the list? We have 50 more popular French songs on the next page to facilitate the loading time of your page. Very upbeat and pop. One of the songs starts with counting in french. Someone once told me the lyrics were sexual. Any ideas??? Please am searching for a French song sung by a trio group consisting of a white female,a black male and a white male. The black male did the rap. Thank you very much.

PS: I really cannot remember if the group consists of 3 or 4 members. I remember seeing the music video, it being grey and white, or the background being white and grey. Someone please help me if you can. Disagree, the list is for more contemporary music. And Aznavour is great — since you commented, people will now look him up. The guy was asking to come see her but she told him not to.

I think that bagpipe sounds were played in the chorus. It was a cheesy song, but well known. Can somebody please help me find a song in french guess french that i heard on a german radio channel during vacation in Unfortunately the only I remember is that it was a male singer, the song was not jazz but jazzy and there was a super catchy saxophone that appered several times in the song.

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It was a love ballad in French. I was ten when she died and would love some songs to listen to so I can find it. Retainers - Silence! All of you! Fernand - The father of my master had Two sons, his life's only hope. By the younger's cradle, The nurse dreamed fast asleep. One day, in the light Of the new dawn, When she opened her eyes, What did she see near the child's crib? Chorus - What? What was it? Good Lord! Fernand - Before her eyes appeared A witch, Her terrible eyes rolling In their sockets. Over the poor angel, with fury, The old hag cast an evil eye Seized by horror, The nurse screamed for help, In no time, from every corner, Rushed in a multitude Of guards and servants; In great distress, running in the palace, Angered and threatening, They all wanted to drive off That witch, that evil spirit.

Out of the castle that infernal devil! Chorus - Righteous fury, Against that witch, Against that hag, That fatal demon! Fernand - She came, she claimed, To cast the baby's horoscope But at that very moment in his crib He developed a fever Burning with heat, Pale, languid, weakened by illness, The poor creature, offered in sacrifice to Hell, Was bewitched!! The gypsy, ultimately, was caught; She was burned at the stake. But to her daughter, before dying, She left an inheritance of crime and revenge! Foul revenge! And it was prompt, The daughter abducted the Count's son!

Then, in the very spot where The witch had been executed, Among a smouldering fire, Some passers-by, at day's break, Found, to their horror, a child's mortal remains. Chorus - Poor victim! So wicked a crime Deserves Punishment! And the father? Fernand - He was crushed by grief, But had a mysterious feeling, That his son was still alive, That he was safe From his deathbed he sent for our master, He made him swear That he would keep searching for his brother.

But his efforts were vain!

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Chorus - Of that crime Was the author never found? Fernand - Never! Infamous woman! Wicked hag! If only I might find her! Chorus - Would you know her? Fernand - I have this hope in my heart, Yes I might! Chorus - Just like her mother, the author of the spell, May hell swallow her up! Fernand - Who? Her mother? Her soul flutters in the air, Her frightful ghost soils this world; And in the dead of night, In various forms, it shows itself.

Chorus - It's true! Soldiers - On gloomy walls, Bird of the night, When all is dark One hears it sing in the shadows. Retainers - The owl's cry Is its merry song; Its burning wing Makes flowers wither. Fernand - Passer-by, take care, May heaven help you! For whoever dares, For whoever stares at it, Death! That's his fate! No hope! Chorus - Death! Fernand - He walks by fearfully.

Casts a livid glance On the gloomy bird Flying out of its nest. The fright that freezes him Betrays his audacity; He falls dead On the very spot. Just then midnight chimes A clock starts chiming midnight. Thunder and lightning! Cursed be the hellish witch!!! A drum is heard. The soldiers move upstage, and the retainers withdraw through the side door. Scene II The gardens of the palace; at the right, white marble steps lead up to the apartments. It is night and clouds obscure the moon.

It's time, let's haste, The queen has asked for you. It's time. What misfortune, my lady, Threatens you! Dangerous flame! Cursed be the day When such a love was born. From that merry day There is death in my heart! Like a ray from heaven, In vain is the sweet memory of him left to me. The night was peaceful and lovely Over the boundless plain. The moon in the distance Was rising in the sky When the echo whispered Over the breeze, Which seemed to repeat The mournful chords of a lyre Accompanying A love song.

What elation I felt! That tender song Repeated melancholically My name my name incessantly. At that sweet call I ran Oh, utter joy! I was enraptured, my eyes Beheld heaven itself! I feel such sorrow, How I tremble! I fear I am filled with a sinister foreboding, Announcing a long storm, Forget him, Heed the counsel of a friend! You feel no pity for me! Fervent love, sublime and tender love Speaks a language that only he can understand My voice calls him I think I can hear his from far My heart is enraptured.

I have given him my soul, I shall love him till my last hour, If I cannot be his on this earth, I shall follow him to heaven. If I must live without him, I shall be happy to die. I shall be happy to follow him to heaven. I swear it by my love, Without him I shall die. No, I would die.

They walk up the steps into the palace. All is silently asleep. I keep watch over our royal lady. Your fair eyes, Like a bright sun Light up my darkness, Where all is sadness. What burning fire Seethes in my heart! Yes, you will come, Cruel lady, and you will listen to me. He hears the chords of a lyre in the distance. The troubadour! What do I hear! Listen for one moment To this singing troubadour, Count - Oh, rage! Oh jealousy! And make you recognise the song Of this passing-by troubadour. Count - It is she Waiting for you, time seems to stand still, And a burning fever Consumes your beloved, Finally you are here!

No more tears, no more fretting, But only happiness for me! The moon emerges from the clouds, revealing a figure. What a mistake! Oh, heaven! What a strange thing, I thought you were here alone! I thought I heard your voice, And I came right away To meet you. I love only you! I swear to you, believe me! Count - Wicked woman! Count - Fear my wrath! Count - Say who you are! Count - Tell me your name! I am Manrique!

Count - Ah! Tremble, unworthy man! You, an exile, a follower of Urgel, our enemy, You dare come here! You have come to your death look! Call the guards! For your rivals The executioner's axe And disgrace! Count - For these new offences, I want your life, and I will have it! Count - Coward, fear my fury! Count - Let us fight! Blood freezes in my veins! For pity's sake!!! Count - No! The indignation That suddenly seizes my soul Marks your fate. Since you have told him: "I love you"; Ah! You must fear my wrath!

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That confession is a curse, It is your death sentence! Don't pay heed to that fool! A fight would drive me to despair! For pity's sake, listen to my prayer! Have pity on my love. Look at my suffering! But beware! If he dies, fear my vengeance! Yes, you shall have to endure my eternal hatred! No more prayers! I am saved by your love! Rogue, fear my bravery, Your last day has dawned. Count - Tremble! Fear my bravery! Coward, I shall have your life! Fear my jealousy! Your impious audacity Has marked your fate.

Death is your fate. In vain your arm is strong, Look at the fury of my rage. You shall have to fear my eternal hatred! My heart is yours until I die!!! Ah, wicked man! Fear my bravery This day will be your last! Fear the fury of my rage, Tremble, rogue! Count - Fear the fury of my rage! Your heart has decided your fate! In vain your arm is strong, Tremble, rogue! Your fate is death!!! Le point du jour. Ils prennent des marteaux et frappent en cadence sur des enclumes.

Un regard de deux beaux yeux, Qui de son coeur bannit la peine? Trinquons gaiement et soyons tous heureux! Au lever d'un beau jour redoublons de courage! Vite, courage! Azucena - La flamme brille Bas, se tournant vers Manrique. Il faut gagner son pain, Allons! En route! Ils prennent leurs outils et descendent dans le vallon sur la reprise du choeur.

Quelle est cette histoire terrible? Azucena - Tu l'ignores aussi? O mon fils, pourras-tu me croire? Une horde sauvage Me ferme le passage; Et puis des cris de rage L'accablent sous l'outrage Azucena - Un jour je prends le fils du Comte Azucena - Comme il pleurait! Pauvre victime! L'effroi, soudain, m'accable! Que vois-je? Jour de crime et de fureur! Azucena - Ah! Oh, terreur! Azucena - Oh, trop fatale erreur! Eh bien, qui suis-je? Azucena - C'est toi, mon fils! Azucena - Oui, moi, te dis-je. Un soir, l'en souvient-il? Dans les champs du carnage Sur tes pas j'allai sans effroi.

Pour te sauver j'avais tout mon courage. Mais avec honneur en face! Pourquoi donc? Je frissonne S'il t'osait encor combattre, A tes pieds il faut l'abattre. De faiblesse! Azucena - Venge nous et sois vainqueur, Oui frappe-le d'un fer vainqueur. Qu'est-ce donc? Mais le bruit de ta mort A suivi nos exploits. Azucena - Mon fils Oui, cours sur l'heure. Le Messager - C'est bien.

Va m'attendre Azucena - Quel trouble t'agite? Azucena - Pourquoi partir? Azucena - Non! Azucena - Je le veux! O mon fils! C'est la mort qui te menace! De terreur mon sang se glace. Peux-tu voir couler mes pleurs? Ensemble Azucena - C'est la mort qui te menace! Reste mon fils! Mon fils, je meurs, adieu! Le malheur Qui nous menace Double encore mon audace. Le Comte - Courage!

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Fernand - Voici l'instant du sacrifice. Fernand - Soyez prudent! Sachons tromper les yeux jaloux, Gagnons le prix promis pour tous! Le Comte - Cruelle impatience! Heure trop lente, avance! Je vois s'ouvrir le ciel! Le bonheur luira pour nous! Choeur des Religieuses en dehors - L'exil est sur la terre! Dans ce lieu solitaire Brille un soleil plus doux. Sachons tromper Les yeux jaloux. Nous perdons une amie. Ne me plaignez pas. Pour moi, Dans cette vie, L'espoir n'est plus Je me consacre au Seigneur, Consolateur Des maux de ce monde!

Sur moi ne pleurez plus. Le Comte - Tu m'appartiens! Tous - Ah!!! Est-ce bien lui! Il vit! Il vit encore! O toi Un feu divin rayonne en moi! Descends-tu sur la terre? Au ciel suis-je avec toi? Qui me guide en ces lieux. Pour moi s'entr'ouvrent les cieux. Merci, mon Dieu! Transport d'amour! Le Comte et Fernand - Oh! De mon tourment! Ne faut-il plus la voir, jamais la voir! Elle n'est plus en son pouvoir, Pour lui non plus d'espoir! Son coeur enfin reprend l'espoir, Et Dieu nous montre son pouvoir. Ruiz et les siens accourant - Vive! Mes amis! Ruiz Viens! Ruiz et les siens - Aux armes! Le Comte - Tu voudrais me la ravir?

Oui, que tes jours soyent maudits! Le Comte - Oh! Soyez tous maudits! Nos efforts sont trahis! Les Religieuses - Ah! L'effroi trouble tous nos esprits! Ruiz et les siens - Tous deux soyez unis!! Le Comte et Fernand - Tous deux qu'ils soient maudits!! Barren mountains under a purple sky; a fire is burning in the middle of the stage. It is dawn. Scene I Azucena sits by the fire, Manrique sits besides her, wrapped in his cloak; a gypsy band is scattered about. Gypsies - A new day is born Look at that sight! Night's veil has been lifted from the earth.

Like a widow who lays aside her mourning, Nature casts aside a sombre mystery! To work, quick! To work! They take up some hammers and start striking rhythmically on anvils. What helps a merry gypsy Stand his toil? The glance of two fair eyes, Who lifts the sorrow from his heart? The gypsy maiden!

The men give their cups to the women, who fill them up. Pour out, fill up the cup With generous wine!

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Let's drink up gaily and be happy! At the break of a beautiful day let's double our courage! Quick, to work! Who helps a merry gypsy Stand his toil? The glance of two fair eyes, The gypsy maiden! The gypsies gather around Azucena. Azucena - The flames are glowing the crowds Run closer, like a rolling wave. A humble woman walks by in chains, She is lead to her death The knell tolls and of the cruel stake The enormous flames Rise To the sky!

The flames are glowing, and the victim, Pale, at death's door, finally arrives. A scream breaks forth, The echo carries it and repeats it The knell tolls Gypsies - Your song is sad Azucena - Less sombre than the story Etched on my memory Aside to Manrique Vengeance! A gypsy man - My friends! Listen to me! We must earn our daily bread, Let's go!

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That road Leads to town They pick up their tools and walk down the slope on the repeat of the chorus. Who helps Their singing fades away. What is that terrible story? Azucena - Even you do not know it? Yes your youth makes you sensitive only to glory You have no other concern.

It was the story of your ancestress. On, my son, will you believe me? A haughty count falsely accused her Of having cast a spell On a child! Azucena - That is where they dragged her, In tears, in chains, Unfortunate victim Sentenced to the stake! Followed by me at a distance, At the hour of her death, My dear mother Saw me and blessed me A savage horde Blocked my way; And then with angry shouts They insulted her At her last hour "Vengeance!

Azucena - One day I stole the Count's son. Oh heaven! A crime! Azucena - How he was crying! Poor victim! My heart, torn, throbbing, Softened a little Suddenly I was filled with fear! A mournful ghost Rose in front of my eyes It tormented me without respite A raving I reached out my trembling hand And in the flames I threw the victim and fulfilled my promise The vision faded and quickly passed Only the fire gleamed, and the flames were empty I turned my fearful eyes To look.

What did I see? Azucena - It was my own son I had cast into the flames! Day of crime and of wrath! It was my own son! That I myself had burned! Oh, terror! Azucena - Oh, fateful mistake! My hair stood on end for the horror! Then who am I? Azucena - It is you, my son! Azucena - Yes, I tell you, it is I. When those horrible memories Come back to me, My spirit gets lost in wild ravings again. Dont'you know how much I love you? Azucena - It is I That protected your childhood. That night, have you forgotten it? On the battlefield I retraced your steps fearlessly.

To come and save you I summoned all my courage. They told me you were dead My tender care restored you to life, I saved your youth, stolen from my love. But I fell as a brave man, facing the enemy! Alone, amid my scattered troops I faced the enemy. Count de Luna, my rival, Spurring his horse, Was fast upon me, I fell down, wounded by his lance-thrust. Azucena - Yet in a duel You once spared the Count's life, Your arm was about to strike him With a mortal blow. You let him go That villain!

Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition) Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition)
Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition) Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition)
Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition) Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition)
Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition) Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition)
Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition) Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition)
Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition) Louna 04 - Je suis Louna et je suis amoureuse (French Edition)

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