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Central Fund Bill, 1942— ( Certified Money Bill ) —Second Stage (Resumed).

Clem recruits the primary character, Merrick, whose expertise with botany and knowledge of the region makes him indispensable to the venture. The goal is to bring back cuttings from the elusive chinchona woods. Merrick is hesitant. The expedition leads to areas he may not be able travel through, having been partially incapacitated with an injured leg. The journey leads them to uncharted areas where magic, tradition and spirituality exist in a mysterious secret society.

The jungle is a character unto itself and serves as a vivid metaphor of the boundaries between life and death, magic and reality. A new friendship is forged with the young priest Raphael, through whom Merrick is able to grasp the intensity of what he experiences and understand the need for secrecy first inspired by his father. Its exciting style, humor and uniqueness are nothing short of charming. Enthusiastically recommended. Toggle navigation.

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Browse our magazines Submit your novel for review. All articles Browse by Tag Browse Guides. Browse all members Become a member Search Members. S:Mike Rafferty. R: Double Jig. Z: Rob Greenway. Ireland, Sliabh Luachra region of the Cork-Kerry border. A Mixolydian. Ned Kendall was a renowned keyed-bugle player and band-leader based in eastern Massachusetts in the mid th century.

Not the hornpipe listed below. USA, Missouri. Ned Kendall has been identified either as a famous 19th century keyed-bugle player or as a competition-winning black step dancer of the same era. A newspaper clipping, shorn of heading and date but evidently from before the turn of the 20 th century, related an interview with Richard D. Blanchard, an elderly veteran Boston musician then living in Bridgton, Maine. Blanchard reminisced about the great musicians of the city he had known:. Blanchard, "was founded. Way back in. In Ned Kendall returned to Boston and became the.

The Boston Brass Band. Woodcut, published in Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room in the s. Kendall did not confine himself to playing just in Boston. It should be noted that Kendall played an instrument known as a keyed-bugle, not the valve coronet, and that he was one of the strongest practitioners of the instrument of his era. He later traveled to England, where the story is told that he played before Queen Victoria and received a silver bugle from her. The following story was printed in the Boston Sunday Globe of June 7, , of an interview with a Dr.

On the day of his arrival he accepted an invitation to join a sleighing party. The New York musician stepped into the side parlor to warm himself at the open fire, before which sat three men, who courteously made room for him. On a table near by lay a key bugle beside a case from which it had been taken.

The dark man opened his eyes wider. If the first few bars of the music made the other player start, the succeeding ones transfixed him as the performer executed strains with a correctness, sill and beauty that he never before heard extracted from a bugle. The variations, trills, tones and melody of the familiar old dance tune was rendered as never dreamed of by that New Yorker, as the music flowed from the bell of the bugle under the skillful manipulation and never failing wind of the performer, who, at the conclusion of his performance, amid a roar of applause, remarked, with the same twinkle in his dark eyes:.

Why, that no loving man could have done that. You must be either the devil or Ned Kendall! He was a great bugle player, but Ned Kendall was a greater one," said Dr Chase. Christeson Old Time Fiddlers Repertory , vol. Songer Portland Collection , ; pg. F Major. This is perhaps the version that was in the repertoire of Maine fiddler Mellie Dunham; the elderly Dunham was Henry Ford's champion fiddler in the late 's. Kerr Merry Melodies , vol. Irish, Hornpipe.

O'Neill Krassen , ; pg. Tipperary, who was an outlaw under King William. Edmond, or Ned, was the scion of an old family, the O'Ryans of Kilnelongurty, County Tipperary, who "was forced to become a Rapparee, and to do a man's part in spoiling the spoiler" Flood, O'Ryan "took to the hills" after the capitulation of Limerick, and was murdered in one of the first years 18 th century by one Dwyer for the reward of Pounds set by the British on his head.

He is burried in Curraheen, near Hollyford. The air itself dates from the close of the 16th century though the first printed version appeared in , according to Flood, and it underwent various modifications between the years and appearing under many titles, including "The Young Man's Source for notated version: a manuscript collection dated by the Anglican cleric and piper James Goodman , who collected primarily in County Cork [Shields]. Roche Collection , , vol. Shields Tunes of the Munster Pipers , ; No.

T:Ned of the Hill. Roche Collection , vol. USA, Kentucky. An old string band tune recorded by John V. Source for notated version: John Roberts Eng. Spandaro 10 Cents a Dance , ; pg. Old-Time, Breakdown. AEae or GDgd tuning. USA, southwest Alabama. AKA and see " Needle in the Case. One part. Source for notated version: caller George Van Kleeck [Cazden].

Cazden Dances from Woodland , ; pg. AKA and see " N The first word of the title is a corruption of the Gaelic "inion. AKA and see " Miss Hamilton [1]. England, Northumberland. Title appears in Henry Robson's list of popular Northumbrian song and dance tunes "The Northern Minstrel's Budget" , which he published c.

Not the original title. Original source for the tune was the Nations Brothers, from Mississippi. Source for notated version: Armin Barnett [Phillips]. Phillips Traditional American Fiddle Tunes , vol. English, Jig. Negus is a drink made from wine, often port, mixed with hot water, and sugured and spiced. It takes its name according to Malone from an early 18 th century courtier named Col.

Francis Negus, who invented the drink. During a heated exchange between Tories and Whigs during the reign of George I, Negus is said to have recommended they drink as he did—wine diluted with water, to help curb their excesses. Irish, Air and Jig. Negus is a concoction made of hot water, wine, and lemon juice, sweetened and spiced. T:Negus for Gentlemen.

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N:Sound more like F Major. Joyce had no sharps or flats in the signature. Canadian, Jig. Canada, Cape Breton. Fiddlesticks cass. Scotland, Shetland Isles. Composed by Ronny Cooper. Composed by fiddler Brenda Stubbert b. Scottish, Strathspey. Composed by Alexander Walker, in honor of the master Scottish fiddler of the previous generation, Niel Gow Martin Ceol na Fidhle , Vol. Irish, Strathspey. Canadian, Reel. Irish, Highland. NEIL R. Canadian, Strathspey. Composed by the late Dan R. MacDonald of Inverness, Nova Scotia.

G Minor. MacDonald The Skye Collection , ; pg. Stewart-Robertson The Athole Collection , ; pg. AKA and see " Sporting Neil. Composed by Borders fiddler Willy Taylor in honor of his son. The tune is played more like a two-step than a standard jig. American, March. Irish, Polka.

Ireland, West Kerry. A third part, with words, is sometimes added.

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Irish, Reel. Ryan The Hidden Ireland , Scottish, Irish; Reel and Highland. A popular pair of tunes in County Donegal. Neilly Boyle was a master Donegal fiddler. The Highland is performed an octave lower for variation. D Mixolydian. Taylor Music for the Sets: Blue Book , ; pg. Learned from New York fiddler Patrick Ourceau.

He says a still-older song went to the air which begins:. My name is Poll Doodle, I work with my needle,. And whistle for Johnny, the gooseberry boy. Irish, Double Jig. T:Nell Kennedy. Cranitch Irish Fiddle Book , ; No.

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Source for notated version: Nell Sullivan Mrs. Spillane, mother to John Spillane, the fiddle-player in England. Spillane was a sister of Sliabh Luachra musician Thadelo Sullivan. T:Nelly Bawn. T:Song of Crossmolina, The. USA, Michigan. Nellie Bly in Nelly Bly, Nelly Bly, bring de broom along,.

We'll sweep de kitchen clean, my dear,. And hab a little song. Poke de wood, my lady lub,. An' make de fire burn,. An' while I take de Banjo down. Jest gib de mush a turn. Steven Foster. Johnson The Kitchen Musician's No. Scott English Song Book , ; pg. Shaw Cowboy Dances , ; pg. T:Nelly Bly. T:Nellie Donovan. The popular song fuelled abolitionist sympathies. It was variously arranged in traidition as an air, stage vehicle for a sand jig, a solo dance on a sanded stage , and a play party game.

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See also listings at:. T:Nelly Gray. S:Kerr — Merry Melodies , vol. A Minor. Kerry, Ireland [Breathnach]. G2g gfg age dBd eaa aba g3 b2g. G2g gfg age d2B eaa aba g3 g3e. The tune begins on an E Minor chord. Ceol , vol. G Dorian. Bayard identifies this as a "floating" title for the tune "Gilderoy. D Minor. Callaghan attributes the tune to American musical-theatre composer Harry Tierney , however, it appears rather to have been a comic song from with words by Arthur J.

Lamb and music by Alfred Solman. Callaghan Hardcore English , ; pg. English, Hornpipe. England, Yorkshire. Not the more famous "Nelson's Hornpipe [2]. Goodman was an uilleann piper, and an Irish speaker who collected locally in County Cork and elsewhere in Munster. He also obtained tunes from manuscripts and printed collections. It was obtained from Sergt. Its continued popularity is evidenced by its inclusion in a recent Irish Collection under the identical name invented for it by its sponsor, Sergt.

James Early of Chicago. The tune was collected in the village of Ilmington, Warwickshire, England, and is titled in honor of Admiral Lord Nelson, the hero of the naval battle of Trafalger in Bacon The Morris Ring , ; pg. Ford Traditional Music in America , ; pg. Aird Selection , vol. II, ; No. American, Waltz. USA, New England. Bluegrass, Old-Time; Breakdown. USA, Mo. Someone had to use this title, the wonder is, only one did. In an e-mail posting, composition was claimed by Fletcher Bright who said the he composed the tune with banjo player Ansley Moses about It was in key of G modulating to Bb.

Scottish, Jig. Composed by Fergie McDonald. Martin Ceol na Fidhle , vol. John Glen finds the earliest printing of this tune in Robert Ross's collection pg. John Glen finds the earliest printing of this tune in Robert Bremner's 2nd collection pg. B Flat Major. American, Slow Air? A [e2g2][d2f2]. McGlashan Collection of Scots Measures , c. T:La Nevell Hollandois.

Old-Time, Waltz. T:Never despise an old friend. T:Never Love Thee More. English, Reel. Seattle William Vickers , , Part 3; No. The tune has unusual six-bar parts. S:McGlashan — Strathspey Reels , pg. Old-Time, Reel. Bowman, printed in Chicago in The brothers bought the collection from a Sears catalog at the time they talked their father into buying them a fiddle.

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Composed by the late fiddler Ed Reavy of Cavan, Ireland, who spent much of his life working as a plumber in Corktown, near Philadelphia, Pa. All that remained of the dream was the distant sound of a piper-. And never was piping so sad. And never was piping so gay. T:Never was Piping so Gay. C:Ed Reavy. D:Stockton's Wing: Live. N:cards with "the merry old men. Words and music by physician, poet and composer Thomas Campion, a contemporary of Shakespeare. He has been called the most musical of the Elizabethan lyric poets.

Ireland, County Limerick. Source for notated version: The Irish collector Mr. MacDonald Cameron Trip to Windsor , ; pg. See " Adson's Sarabande. T:New Apron, The. One of the "missing tunes" from Vickers' Northumbrian dance tune manuscript. Was it perhaps "New Bath whim? T:New Bedford.

Scottish, Polka. T:New Beginners Polka. American, Hornpipe. Composed in by cellist and fiddler Nancy Blake. Frets Magazine , February , pgs. Young, Published by Playford in his English Dancing Master Raven English Country Dance Tunes , ; pg. T:New Bo-Peep. C Major although sounds in B Flat on the recording, perhaps due to a faulty recording process. There are dance instructions for the Sicillian Circle printed with the tune. T:New Boston Sicillian Circle. From Choicest Songs , circa T:New Bouree, The. S: Choicest Songs Composed by Cape Breton fiddler and composer Dan R.

The tune appears under this title in the early 19 th century music manuscripts of Joshua Burnett Worsborough, south Yorkshire and Bewick Northumberland. An anonymous tune commemorating the opening of a bridge in Ballater in Composed by John Anderson and printed in his second volume, '''A Collection of New Highland Strathspey Reels''' Edinburgh, , which contains seven of his compositions. Little is known about him, although he seems to have connections to Perthsire and Edinburgh he died in Inverness.

James Ramsay," "New Bridge of Dumfries" :. These exhibit no originality, and have hardly any melodic interest or value--being little more than mere exercises in arpeggios. Anderson, indeed, would appear to have been rather an executant than a composer. T:New Bridge of Dumfries, The. S: Glen Collection, vol. An anonymous tune commemorating the opening of an Edinburgh bridge in John Glen finds the earliest printing of this tune in Joshua Campbell's collection pg.

Howe Jigs and Reels , c. T:New Bridge of Glasgow. S:Howe — Jigs and Reels c. An anonymous tune commemorating the opening of a bridge in Rutherglen in See also the companion air " The Auld Brig o' Ayr. Canada, Prince Edward Island. Henderson attributes the tune to John Nivan, Aberdeen, Source for notated version: Emmett Hughes b. Henderson Flowers of Scottish Melody , An anonymous tune commemorating the opening of a new bridge in Glasgow which was completed in Glen finds the earliest printing of this tune in Angus Campbell's collection pg.

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T:New Bridge of Glasgow, The. Composed by William Hardie , in honor of a new bridge completed in in the village of Methlick, on the river Ythan. Hardie Caledonian Companion , ; pg. Henderson, Flowers of Scottish Melody , Composed by William Hardie , a matching reel to the strathspey.

Born at Auchencruive, Hardie was a member of the famous Scottish family fiddling dynasty and a contemporary and friend of J. Cranford Winston Fitzgerald , ; No. F Mixolydian: E Flat Mixolydian. Learned from Antoin MacGabhann. Canadian, Breakdown. Messer Way Down East , ; No. T:New Brunswick Breakdown.

Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne. Canadian, Hornpipe. Beauties of Niel Gow Part I. Bluegrass, Breakdown. Composed by mandolinist Frank Wakefield about A tune named after, and riding on the commercial coattails of, the successful "Carroll County Blues" by Mississippi fiddler Willie Namour. English, American; Hornpipe. White's Unique Collection , ; No. A tune by this name was recorded by John Baltzell Mt. Vernon, Ohio for Edison, but unissued. T:New Century 20 th Hornpipe [1]. T:New Century, The [2]. Z:transcribed by henrik. T:New Century [2]. AKA and see " Avalon Quickstep.

USA, North Carolina. One of the "missing tunes" of William Vickers' Northumbrian dance tune manuscript.

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John Glen finds the earliest printing of this tune in Robert Bremner's collection pg. Since Roman times calendars had been calculated on the Julian system, an improvement over previous calendar schemes, but one that resulted in an over-estimation of the year by over eleven minutes per annum. By the 16 th century this meant that the Julian calendar was some ten days ahead of time, and a reform was mandated by Pope Gregory XIII. The new calendar which bears his name, the Gregorian calendar corrected the problem going forward, but to bring things into line Gregory decreed that ten days would be deleted from the year when it was first adopted.

Most Europeans embraced the change, but Reformation England did not want to be dictated to by a Catholic pontiff, and the Julian calendar remained in effect in that country. This state of affairs e. In the change occurred throughout Britain, with September 2 nd followed by September 14 th. This was the cause of consternation for many, who thought they had been robbed of ten days of life with the change.

In fact, Old Christmas day was imported to the Americas by Scots-Irish and northern English immigrants, and survived in the Upland South into the 20 th century. Bremner Scots Reels , c. Carlin Gow Collection , ; No. Gow Complete Repository , Part 2, ; pg. Seattle William Vickers , , Part 2; No. Surenne Dance Music of Scotland , ; pg. T:New Christmas. T:Bass Reel, The. S:Surenne — Dance Music of Scotland , pg. Claret was a general term for any light red wine. John Glen finds the earliest appearance of this tune in print in Robert Bremner's collection pg.

T:New Clarinet. S:MacDonald — Skye Collection E Minor. T:New Cloak, The. Shetland, Reel. Source for notated version: the manuscript collection of Captain George Bush ? Keller Fiddle Tunes from the American Revolution , ; pg. England, Shropshire. Winnington was an American and the inscription inside the front cover of her book indicates she lived in New York. T:Dance in Paul and Virginia. AKA and see " The Copperplate [1]. There is a tune called "The Old Copperplate" which is no relation.

Mallinson Enduring , ; No. Taylor Crossroads Dance , ; No. Shaskeen - "Shaskeen Live. Appears under this title in the Newbattle MS Lessones for ye violin , c. English, Slow Jig. The tune has been attributed to Paddy Kelly by Han Speek , although he apparently did not name it himself. Source for notated version: accordion player Joe Cooley Ireland [Breathnach]. T:New Custom House, The. M:C K:Dmix. The melody was picked up by musicians and entered into manuscript copybooks on both sides of the Atlantic. London fiddler Walter Rainstorp included it in his manuscript book, begun in , and Northumbrian musician William Vickers entered it into his manuscript collection.

See note for " The Dargle. The melody appears in the music copybook of Ann Winnington, c. T:New Dash, The. S:The music manuscript copybook of Ann Winnington, c. Composed by Falmouth, Massachusetts, musician and writer Bill Black, in honor of Brother Francis Kelly on the occasion of his ordination to the deaconate. Both O'Neill editions give the key as D major, though the key clearly should be in the mixolydian mode. T:New Demense, The [1]. AKA and see " College Grove s. This is really version 1, with two variations. Source for notated version: Chicago flute player and piper John Ennis, originally from County Kildare.

T:New Denense, The [2]. Ireland, County Cork. T:The new domain. A Cork Reel. AKA and see " Drops of Brandy [1]. Antrim name for the tune. Donegal via Tommy Peoples Co. Boys of the Lough , ; pg. E Major. T:New Figary, The. Standard or ADae tunings. In the repertoire of fiddler Isham Monday , who played the tune in ADae tuning, but who tuned his fiddle so low it sounded below C. Marion Thede, in connection with an unrelated Oklahoma tune, prints the following lyrics, indicating the floating nature of some verses:.

I wisht I had a new five cents, to give that gal of mine. T:New Five Cents. A Dorian. Breathnach obtained the tune from a music manuscript from Munster given to him by fiddler Sean B. AKA and see " German Spa. From the Mainland Shetland district. Source for notated version: the early 19 th century music manuscript of Joshua Burnett Worsborough, south Yorkshire [Callaghan]. Randy Miller says the tune originally appeared in Honor Your Partner Scottish, Reel or Hornpipe. The melody has been attributed in the Northumbrian Pipers Tune Book , vol.

Dixon , however, could find no verification for the attribution. Source for notated version: the 19 th century Foster manuscript, in the Beamish Museum [Dixon]. Dixon Remember Me , ; pg. The tune appears in its earliest form in the lute manuscripts of the early 17th century such as the Skene c. It also was included in the Gillespie Manuscript of Perth Kerr Merry Melodies , Vol. Flaherty Trip to Sligo , ; pgs. Composed by Falmouth, Massachusetts, musician and writer Bill Black. T: New House The [3]. Q: R: jig. A Bee gfe bgb gfe def gfe dBd e2 f.

Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2) Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2)
Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2) Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2)
Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2) Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2)
Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2) Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2)
Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2) Bedlam Lane (DI ODonovan Book 2)

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