The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants

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Ahead of 2020, Beware the Deepfake

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Disparate Pieces - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 4

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Book extract: 'Johnny Gone Down'

Select Memory: Selective memory. When a person only remembers the things that they really want to remember as opposed to the things others want them to remember. Example: Ok, so you didn't remember to put the dishes away, but you were able to remember that big party in town?! You've got the worst case of select memory I've ever seen.

Example: Maria was caught in the hay with her horse-riding teacher after accidentally killing the horse that her father gave her instead of paying off the house. Clearly her luck was self-colossallating. Written to boost the author's self-esteem, rather than to present an entertaining or thought-provoking plot. Example: Have you read his latest Sailor Moon self-insertion fanfic? That guy is desperate. Example: His hits were down, but a couple hours of self-surfing made him look as hip as ever! Sell: Goodbye, bye, buy or any sort of way in saying goodbye.

Example: Well I have to get going now, sell! Sells out. Example: Joe: Did ya see how Bob missed that open goal? Jim: Yeah, he's such a sellist. Might as well set up shop in the middle of the field. Example: After crying for hours, drew in a semble. Example: Ensign: What if we hooked up the semiconductiing lube-valve to the EPS conduit and reversed the polarity?

That should create just the kinda of quantum gravitation field we're looking for. Science Officer: Oh, you mean like filling a ballon with too much air and letting it go? Ensign: Exactly Semiopathy: The syndrome of deriving a meaning from a sign which is not that which was originally intended. Example: The signpainter appeared to have semiopathy when he made the lakeside warning read: Crocodiles Do Not Swim Here. Example: She's not bad-looking, definitely semipulchrous. Semper-Flex: A male who is ostensibly macho to disguise the fact that he is a complete wuss. Example: With the big show he makes of his daredevil nonsense, Geraldo has got to be the biggest Semper-Flex out there.

A multiple-use profanity. A term for any body part that would otherwise be unfit for public discussion. Oh, semprini! I dropped the bowling ball on my foot! Oh, kiss my semprini. Example: There goes another senignal driver. Used to describe a computer that constantly sits and proccesses information for no reason at all. Example: Mark finishes booting computer and moves mouse, causing computer to sit and think.

I haven't even opened anything yet. Stupid senilosopher. The anomaly in the space-time continuum where time dilates in direct proportion to your distance from a Senior Citizen, slowing time as we know it to a crawl. This effect makes one later and later for an appointment as one gets closer in proximity to a Senior Citizen. The magic ability for time to appear to speed by faster as you get older, making old age seem to zip by, however dilating time around you for everyone else.

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  • Thanks to the Senior Citizens Effect, the years when I had the dispeptic ulcer seemed to zip by quickly. Senior Citizen Factor SCF : The amount of time needed to account for senior citizens when trying to make an appointment. When going through a high senior citizen density area such as the supermarket at noon , you must take into account the relative speed and delays propogated by senior citizens.

    Example: We have to leave earlier if we take into account the Senior Citizens Factor. Example: Oh my god! I just had a senior moment! Symptoms include rampant class-skipping and general apathy towards all things school-related. Example: I won't be doing my homework tonight either. Senioritis has got me bad this year. Example: I was about to start sorting out my school bag after the holidays when I was suddenly assailed by seniprandicapsaphobia. Example: Hi, my name is Ochre Orientis. I like to eat, swim, make love, and all that stuff.

    I'll do anything, I'm a senseslut. Example: Bill: Last night I got a new Something you don't have to worry about, because responsibility for it belongs to someone else. Oh, no! There's a huge load of customers that walked into the door! I've signed out and changed clothes. Example: My gorgeous gothic girlfriend is a sephim. Seppo: American, mainly from USA. Example: Mark is a Seppo. Example: The peasants revolted against their terrible state of serfitude. Used derogatively to describe someone overdressed for the occasion--or having her nose in the air.

    Example: She tended to dress in a sernerfer fashion. Servant Distance: that really awful distance when a group of people leave one person to walk behind them a good 4 meters Example: Hey guys! Example: Hey, Roy, can I borrow your leather chaps for tonight's ice cream social? Let me set my 'nana down. Sodapea, sudapea. Example: While playing Scrabble. That's not a word, it's a seudo-p. Useful when you don't have a clue what's going on. Example: I didn't get it.

    It was a to me. Example: severeiously, I have no legs sewellesque: A short, devout Mormon wrestler who almost goes pro grappling can be called sewellesque. Hes pretty sewellesque. Example: The antique bears were in excellent condition, except for some torn sewup.

    For Information Received

    Example: That Elizabeth is one sexable chick. Example: That's sexellent! Claus exclaimed. Example: John will be here in an hour. Let me go get sexified sexile: To force your roommate to leave so you can have annoying, noisy sex. Example: Andy: Jeff, why are you sleeping in the student lounge? Jeff: Got sexiled.

    Example: Jane is a sexpert, she knows all about it. To infiltrate someone's bedroom to gather information. To use sex in a negative way to harm someone else's relationship. Example: I used my best friend for sexpionage to see if my girlfriend was faithful. Example: Can I get sexsylum in your room tonight? My roommate has his girlfriend in from out of town and I got sexiled. Example: You have vexy sexula arms. OR My word, you are very sexula! Example: My girlfriend looks sexy, but I wish she'd move once in a while.

    SF Anything that grows from small to huge very rapidly. From the growth of San Francisco in the Gold Rush from to over , people in a few months. Example: Yahoo went SF Hey, Tom, if you gobble down any more of that pizza, you gonna go SF Example: I like Italian food, especially sgetti. Sgweet: Slang for Let's go eat Example: It's 12 o clock! Usually said in an awkward moment as a response to someone's comment you don't hear clearly. As in unsure agreement. Example: Scott: I think Nikki is the total cat's pajamas. Jimmy: sh'yeah Denotes affirmative in a laid-back manner.

    Example: Well, sh'yeah! I told him I'd be back by 6. Example: Shaatz! That girl was hot. That was very shaba! Did you see that website? It's shaba. - The Slang Dictionary

    Shaba very much. Shabam: awesome, cool, that rocks! Example: Shabam! Shablamo: A word used to express extreme surprise or excitement. Example: Man, I thought I was in for another routine day of classes, but then during science, shablamo! Pop quiz. Shaboose: To take something from someone when they have asked you if you want some before going to get it--and you declined.

    The best description is when you ask your friend I am going to get a burger and fries, you want something? Shabooser, shaboosee, shaboosist, shaboosing, shaboosable. Example: If I had known you were going to shaboose my potato salad, I would have got more for you. Many at college like to drink beer, conform, and screw around.

    All have frosted tips, leather jackets, and turtleneck sweaters from Structure. Tan from a can guys who like to think they're from California. Comes from the slang Shahbrah as in Yeah brother gone to Yeah brah then horribly mutated into Shahbrah. Example: Let's leave. This party's lame and there's too many shahbrahs here.

    See a Problem?

    Perfect for nights that are not too cold or hot. Example: That is a nice shacket. Someone who refuses to let go of useless possessions after moving to a new location, thus bringing all belongings with them. Also packing the shack. Example: After Debbie pulled the brassed antlers from the box, she screamed, Tom, you shackpacked after telling me you wouldn't. German for too bad.

    Used sarcastically when you don't mind that you're missing out on something. Example: Mom: I'm sorry, dear. Your orthodontist appointment was cancelled. Example: I gotta break. I'm shadow. Shady: description of questionable behavior Example: That guy on the corner is acting shady. Example: You gave him the money? Are you stupid? You have been shafted, mate. Shagitude: The point at which someone enters a single-issue universe; purpose: to get themselves a shag. Example: I think we should steer clear of her this evening.

    After what she said on the last press trip to Barcelona, I reckon she's in her shagitude, and shouldn't be dissuaded from her course of action; namely, nailing that nice bloke over there Example: Bill was giving me the look, so I knew this shagnasty guy was waiting for action. Shake: To leave a place as in bounce, or roll. Example: Let's shake and go to Taco Bell, I'm starving. Example: I got really dirty playing football. I'm going to go shake a tower. Example: sham: 1. To look through, as in browsing or leafing through. Unneccesary looking through with no final outcome. So, yeah, the other day I was shamming through some old books.

    He's such a shammer, never deciding upon one thing. Example: Shamalamadingdong, that's a cute bobbysoxer! Shamball: A person who steals another person's idea. Example: Patrick stole my idea and claimed it for himself Example: After that kegger on Friday night, my place was a shambles. To create disorder. Example: After they were barred from the night club they returned and shamblized the place. Example: My car broke down so I'm taking the shame train this week. Shamuism: A religion based on the worship of Shamu.

    Example: Shamuism is quickly becoming the religion of choice for intelligent people. Someone who is a big turn on. Example: She is totally shaness. OR He looks really shaness in that outfit. Example: Man - you shanked it way to the right! Can be paired with towne to describe a place that is rotten, filthy, or run-down.

    Example: Mike, your muffler is falling off your Miata. That is one shantey automobile. How long has it been since you cleaned this apartment, Rick? It's become a shantey towne Example: Shants are more comfortable than pants cause you can breath, and more comfortable than shorts cause they aren't showing off my fat thighs. Example: Yes, Mallory, when you told me you were marrying Nick, I was very shappy for you. Example: I had a great time last night, but now I've got a sharmoancinnon.

    Example: I was totally shasited to get my CD player put into my car! From the cheap soft drink Shasta. You'll still drink it if there isn't anything better around. Example: The chick that Greg took home is shasta. Must have been a slow night at the bar. Shasta Mcnasty: Gross, nasty Example: Eww that's nasty. Worse, Shasta McNasty Example: That's shastic. Where did you get it. Shat Fu: The sweet, sweet fighting style made famous in Star Trek, in which you can defeat someone without actually hitting any vulnerable spots. Example: The best Shat Fu move is the one where they clench their fists together and bring them down over their opponent's back, crippling them instantly.

    It's shaved and it's long. Example: I saw this guy at the mall yesterday. You wouldn't have beleived his hair. Talk about a shavlong. Example: Shaweee! That was awesome. Example: Shazbot! I'm stuck on this godawful planet. Example: I am in a real fix, if only I could shazzam my way out of this somehow. Most commonly found in Huron, Michigan. Example: The sheapp fallowed the girl untill she let it eat her shoe. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

    Return to Book Page. Preview — It Was Murder! It Was Murder! Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about It Was Murder! Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Clare O'Beara rated it really liked it Mar 22, Kelly rated it liked it Jul 25, Deirdre added it Jan 06, Maria Meagher added it Nov 01, Angela marked it as to-read May 30, Irina marked it as to-read Jul 10, Sarah marked it as to-read Jul 21,

    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants
    The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants The Curious and Unsavoury Thoughts of Johnny Red Pants

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